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Our Mission

One Carolina

We are the Carolinas just like we were when we were founded officially in 1663. We are here to bring about true unity. Bringing the light like our lighthouses to those who are in the dark.  From CheerWine, Eastern Carolina style barbecue, and tobacco and cotton to our rice, beaches, mountains, true cultural norms always brings the southeastern fellowship out of us.  This is a call to the QUALITY Carolinian warriors to win back our states, culture, and values from those who think we are just a bunch dumb hick backward people who are not down with the times. We are here to bridge the gap between Carolinians and the United States of America and the remnant of Our Father’s army, but as we like to celebrate here in the Carolinas the Father’s Spiritual Marines.

In the Fight for America

Right now, the Carolinas are the hot bed of battlegrounds for the political realm and Spiritual realm. We are battling the governor and corrupt government of North Carolina, as our twin sister State of South Carolina doesn’t seem have a big enough megaphone to have their voices heard.  Our small towns are being made in the image of being people who don’t know what’s going on and feel as if their votes have not mattered since before the start of the war on terrorism. The news syndicates love to paint us as a bunch of racist people who can’t unify and come together. So we are in the fight to show that we came together before and after every major storm called since Hazel.  We send our salt all the way up the east coast for the winter during major snow storms. So we are here to get our state to stay red not only in 2020 but every year for Yeshua Moshiach and our Father as His sons and daughters.

Together for Justice and Freedom

We have been kept in the dark for too long.  Our votes have been stolen over and over again. Our governor in North Carolina is not who we as Carolinians voted in office. We have also been used for civil rights of the 50s and 60s and 70s. We are in the business of serving in the call of duty to teach our enemies and children who our real enemies and friends are from the Civil War to the Gulf War to the Wars on terrorism of today.  But sadly we must face a dark truth—we have become a dumping ground state for illegals who play our emotions and systems like a fiddle concert. And we are a hot bed for human trafficking and child trafficking, case in point why we are the reason for the Amber alert and the law that says if someone murders a woman and she is found to be pregnant at the time of death, it’s double murder.  But when Gov. Pat McCory was not heard on the HB2 bill we became the laughing stock of the nation and homosexual marriage became legal all over the east coast. So we are interceding to win back all that has been stolen from us—JUSTICE not vengeance!!! (Psalm 103)


We believe wholeheartedly in the passage of scripture that states we as children of the Most High Gd shall not forsake the assemble of Gd and assembling together. Therefore, before each recording we spend time talking and clearing the air. This can take 5 minutes or a half hour. This is Holy Spirit lead sometimes when there is too much silence we start recording after all additional instructing has been given out.

Our Prayer Guidelines

Welcome again to the USS Carolinas:

This is your Captain and Crew Leaders speaking!

We have a few rules that must be followed to in sure we have a great time before our Father and Lord and Holy Spirit helper:

1) When joining the call please don’t join until the appointed times.

2) We have fellowship time before each recording.

3) Once the recording is on please make sure you have pressed the speaker or *6

4) Allow each person to intercede before unmuting yourself (speaker or *6)

5) Please don’t announce your exit, mute yourself and hang up. And don’t ask if we can hear you just trust the Father did and wait for the recording to stop.