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Uss Carolinas:


I guess every once in awhile one has to ask the famous question … What was I made for in this life??


We here on the USS Carolinas are a unique bunch. Whose main focus is to laser target the enemies of the South Southeast Gulf and most importantly the Carolinas. This is our base of operation. Nonetheless we have another massive assignment to accomplish and that is to GREATLY intercede for two brothers who have set against each other days before their mother’s murder.  I have a great sense of both danger and a great truth coming that could alter their lives forever.  They are both misunderstood greatly which is also the plan….We those out here …geared to throw them overboard simply because of their father’s name assuming one is a perv then all are pervs.   In this case OPTICS have always been key. This why we need to intercede for these two brothers. They have a great destiny if they were ever to awaken to it and listen to the literal heart of ADONAI ELOHIM Daddy Gd HIMSELF and not the “royal court” judges. The call is on the heels of a major anniversary of their mother’s announcement of death to public outside the gates of the palace.