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You have left 2022 and now you have entered into 2023.  There’s no going back ONLY going forward. It’s funny how sitting at a laundromat can make you really think and reflect on the GOODNESS of the Lord and how much of a FATHER He really is. How He has yet provide for you ONCE again.  How He will continue as long as you let Him FREELY provide for you.  You maybe saying at this point what on earth is she talking about.  Well sit back and listen.  Dont just read this post and move on. Listen for the Words that are for YOU in this new year.  Write those words down and meditate on them daily and monthly so You are left without an excuse as to why You can’t praise The Father. We had way more answers to intercession than we realized.  We ARE the solution to the issues in the Carolinas but we ARE also the solution to issues of the SOUTHEAST. So every first Tuesday of each month we will be opening up USS CAROLINAS to her fellow sistering warriors in the SOUTHEAST at 7pmedt – 745pmedt. We will be using our main line to start out moving forward we may use something else.  ALL communications are to come from the website UNLESS told otherwise. We are REESTABLISHING who WE ARE in CHRIST and His Body. USS CAROLINAS is a FAMILY of BELIEVERS who ARE PROPHETICALLY UNIQUELY WOVEN AND KNITTED together by Kadosh Holy Spirit. Therefore we MUST make time to be obedient in putting our calling(s) and purposes to use…on our website you will find a place to submit your dreams which will in turn be prayed over and if there any messages from Holy Spirit we will PROMPTLY respond back to you via email from One of the co leaders of USS CAROLINAS.

EVERY FRIDAY 645pmedt we will be interceding for the HOUSE AND SENATE court cases and sessions of the Carolinas. Every Saturday 2pmedt we will have a time of FELLOWSHIP AND EKKELESIA. EVERY WEDNESDAY 12pmedt interceding for unity of our Indian Brothers and Sisters with their other Relatives and pass legislative treaties being ignored and held up as political clout will be brought down. Every Thursday 300pmedt deep intercessions for President Trump and FAMILY.