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Uss Carolinas:


The time has past.  We are being called to our posts and positions in the Spirit for the Carolinas.  As I have been volunteering almost everyday during the Carolinas State Fair 2023; I have had lots of people stop by and say they are going to vote for Governor Mark Robinson to “remain” our governor for the Carolinas Northern State.  Thats fine and dandy but we have a different mission.  You know and I know what that is.  Intercession against all matters of voter interference and voter laziness to not do their homework before going to the polls.  I have heard that today there is supposed to be a prayer around the Raleigh State Capital starting at 9 to about 12nish. We call forth Angels upon Angels to protect guide and to be stationed 24/7 interceding and worship the Lord in the place of all matters of evil.  And to bring the Rally Cry and True Fear of the Lord into Raleigh as Governor Mark Robinson comes to take his rightful place.  That he is not lip service and itchy ear lead but Holy Spirit led at ALL TIMES; even behind closed doors or when his Governor appearance is not needed. Intercede for the School boards to brought down and replaced with the active Ekkelesia of the Lord.  Intercede for me that i remember to not get overly excited and loose focus of why I am in the Governor Mark Robinson campaign. I have mentioned out Strike Force of Prayer Family but not USS Carolinas yet.  I know we are 🔑 right now in turning this region of North America back over to the Lord and His Kingdom Righteousness and True Word.  There were A LOT of small businesses represented from the Carolinas and surrounding commonwealths regions and states.  Intercede for them to return home safely and be fired up for next year.  Intercede for us as the fair closes sunday that we have an even greater passion and desire to stand behind Governor Mark Robinson but not ride his coattails and hide.  There way more young adults and youth getting involved this election so get ready.