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We need to be interceding very deeply daily as this is the season of well known people death announcement anniversaries.  This is not an easy time as we get ready to see the return of the rightful anointed and appointed President.  This should give us pause to think “how will you be remembered?” Will you be remembered as one of the ones who is sitting on and out from your nation because others tell you just give it up the rapture is coming.  Or will you be remembered for standing in the storm of lies and TRUE injustices? Fighting in the trenches with your fellow warrior on either side of you?

As I watched tv today I couldnt help be hear as well as see there is an undertone of mentioning the Tuskegee airmen; how they were called hell risers.  Which is what has been raised up in the Carolinas and the southeast ever since.  I have been so humbled this last week to know the Lord has answered my prayers and intercessions for my generation because my generation were the grand and great grandchildren of the era of men who saw the demons who love to snatch youth and generations of hope love and TRUE families.  Thats why it was so explosive to see the stone fall and being destroyed for everyone to see.  Those stone were put up to open up the portals of death in order to make sure my generation never came through as pure humans with a purpose from the Father which a lot of it had has to do with the prophetic nature of Father Gd. Which the enemy hates because it brings light on his darkness and deeds.


Most dont know that treaties and laws were passed during that dark time in man’s history to restore land property tribal rights and voices for those here in the Carolinas South Southeast and the gulf who have been denied for 100s of years do to slavery in North America that had nothing to do with the African slave trade.  If the “civil rights” movement hadnt taken some wouldve been in their rightful place among the tribes as freed men and women. Why do you think the Tuskegee Airmen and Camp Lajuene are hot topics right now??

Be vigilant awake alerted and mindful of dreams you might be seeing more than you realized.  Please intercede for our entire SFOP family as br. Michael takes a much needed rest.


How well will you be remembered?